I still love my MacBook, even though it’s developed a case of screen rot.

I don’t regret switching to Mac as my primary computing platform, but let’s face it, Macs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Macs hardware is elegant, but in recent years Macs have been plagued by significant manufacturing flaws. Probably more than we’ve heard about. The woes of the 27″ iMac — the flagship of the iMac line — have been well documented. I’ve just discovered, however, that those machines aren’t the only Macs with yellow screen problems.

I recently noticed what looked like a yellow splotch on the left side of the bottom third of my MacBook’s screen. The splotch has grown and expanded sideways. So I thought I’d contact FAS Computing support to see if it is something that warrants warranty service. It apparently does. What I’m told is that”all Apple computers of recent origin have problems with the quality of their display hardware.” Moreover, I should expect that the screen “will indeed continue to darken and spread as the phosphorous layer in there deteriorates — it’s a manufacturing defect. The only way to resolve this is having the unit replaced by warranty.”

So that’s what we’re going to do. Luckily, our tech support will copy my hard drive to a loaner unit so I won’t be without a Mac while we wait for the repair, which apparently can take anywhere from a week to two months.

Ironically, the problem has occurred just as I was starting to convince my wife to make the switch herself. I guess we’ll be holding off on that.