May the Fourth

Today is “unofficial Star Wars Day.” Why? “May the Fourth Be with You.” [Yes, even my ten-year-old groaned when he heard that.] To celebrate, a little Star Wars Lego for your viewing pleasure: AND

Two of My Favorite Things

In honor of the first day of the World Cup, I’m embedding a video of this adidas commercial, which brings together two of my favorite things, soccer and Star Wars: You can read more about this video, and who besides Snoop Dogg and David Beckham are in it, at...

USB Lightsabers

Well, Chani, how many of these should I buy? (I’m thinking six: a Jedi and a Sith each for me and my two boys.) They’re available from ThinkGeek. And, while I’m there, I’m might get myself one of these, as well: