lukes_lego_computer.jpgHere is a project that brings together two of my hobbies: building computers and assembling Lego creations. Well, Lego assembly is really my sons’ interest, but I seem to spend an awful lot of time doing it with my older son and for my younger son. I found the project via It’s a mini-ITX computer with a case built exclusively of Lego parts!

This Lego Computer is the brainchild of Luke Anderson, a computer science major at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He has thoughtfully provided both an account of the project and complete instructions under a Creative Commons license on his blog. He used the MLCAD program to design the case and order the parts from various sellers at

Here’s a YouTube video of Luke assembling the case. It’s fun to watch even if you have no interest in either building computers or building with Legos.