• @shendles quick in and out to see Bruce and my old diss advisor. Back on the Jersey shore now. #
  • @shendles Didn't know you were so close, though I only had a couple of ours to spend in the Square. Next time for sure! #
  • @chanigatto So sorry to hear it: feel better soon! #
  • @chanigatto It was — so much so that we're hoping to go back again next summer! #
  • @_waterman @shessomickey I'm sure Fabio will love it. #
  • @_waterman @shessomickey It's in good company:
    http://t.co/isq1oPSJ #
  • @_waterman Up early, huh! #
  • @_waterman That's our AD wake-up time too, because the boys' bus comes at 6:55. Sadly they don't get the concept of sleeping in on weekends. #