So here’s a place where two of my interests — technology and politics — come together: David Bergman’s Gigapan image of President Obama’s inaugural address. It’s a 1.47 gigapixel shot — yes, that’s gigapixel not megapixel — created using Gigapan’s Epic photo mount, which enables you to shoot a series of multiple overlapping pictures that can later be fused into one helluva panoramic print. Bergman set it to shoot a grid that was 20 photos wide by 11 photos down. The whole process took about 15 minutes to complete.You can read Bergman’s account of how he came to make the picture on his blog.

If you click on the image below, you’ll be taken to a fullscreen viewer that you can explore, zooming in, out, and all around, using your mouse.


Yes, my first thought was: “Clarence Thomas is sleeping!” In a subsequent post about the image, Bergman assures us that he was not.

What else can you find in the picture?