I’m back in Abu Dhabi for another Candidate Weekend. As I did during the November Candidate Weekend, I gave a 75-minute class on “Cosmopolitanism Now,” which resulted in a very lively discussion about the nature of cosmopolitanism and both opportunities and problems that a cosmopolitan perspective presents. The group I had was every bit as impressive as the one I had in November (ten of whom will be attending NYUAD come fall).

The candidates spent their afternoon looking at sample rooms in the Sama Tower, where NYUAD students and faculty will live,  before visiting the Marina Mall. Having seen the mall during my last visit, I opted instead for a walk back to the hotel along the corniche, conversing with a colleague and enjoying the lovely weather.

The highlight of the day, once again, was the trip to the desert, where we stopped at a camp outside the town of Al Khatim. Upon arrival there was the now obligatory run up to the top of the sand dune (I let one of the students beat me to the top) …

followed by some bonding in front of the fire and over dinner.

And making the acquaintance of a mother camel and her baby. [Click on the continuation link below for more camel pictures.]

If you were there on the desert trip, leave a comment and let us know what you thought of the evening — or any aspect of your visit to Abu Dhabi.